Transnational Threats and Prospects for Regional Collaboration Examined in Morocco

By Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Updated: 01/20/2011

Rabat_webAfrica Center Academic Dean Monde Muyangwa, PhD, chaired the panel “Prospects for Regional Collaboration to Meet Transnational Threats” at the Northwest Africa Transnational Threats Seminar, which took place Jan. 11-14 in Rabat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

A collaboration of the Near East South Asia Center Center for Strategic Studies and the Ministry marked the first collaboration of three Department of Defense regional centers: NESA, the Africa Center, and the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies. Thirty participants from the United States and 12 African nations took part in the program. The panel was a highlight of the Executive Level Seminar which gave participants extensive opportunities to discuss a broad range of pressing regional and international security issues that deal with transnational security threats, particularly combating terrorism, counterinsurgency and transnational crime.

Speakers on the panel included Patrick Worman, regional advisor for the Middle East and North Africa for the Office of the State Department’s Coordinator for Counterterrorism; Dr. Lamia Radi, permanent secretary of the Ministerial Conference of African Atlantic States; and Dr. Yonah Alexander of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.

The seminar fostered informal and constructive dialogue among national security professionals of differing backgrounds and perspectives and generated ideas and suggestions for cooperative problem solving.