Africa Center Report Writer Becomes U.S. Citizen

By Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Updated: 12/13/2010

Nad_2010_profile[1] copyNad Sivaramen, an Academic Affairs report writer at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies and who was born and raised in Mauritius, became a naturalized U.S. citizen in November.

After working 15 years in sub-Saharan Africa as a journalist and serving as the editor-in-chief of a mainstream newspaper in Mauritius, Nad came to the U.S. in 2007, working in Boston.

“After several years in the Southwest Indian Ocean region, my wife wanted me to discover her side of the world,” Nad said. “I found it exciting to come and view the world from a different angle, but I also wanted to continue what I had been doing: writing, traveling, learning, and studying about Africa.”

A year later, Nad received a Washington, D.C.-based position as a communications strategist for the U.S. Central Command/Combined Joint Task Force outreach project in the Horn of Africa, located at Camp Lemonier, Djibouti.

In June 2008, Nad joined the Africa Center, first as Acting Senior Academic Associate, then as a writer/editor. His work at the Africa Center allows him to visit many countries on the continent.

Nad explained that becoming a U.S. citizen, while continuing to work on African issues, was the best combination he could wish for.

“Here in Washington,” he said, “I see the world from a bigger perspective as opposed to a regional (African) or sub-regional one (Indian Ocean). What is amazing over here is the potential to develop larger networks and compare perspectives on international relations and the state of world affairs.”

Nad holds a master’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of Reunion/Paris-Sorbonne. He also trained at the Ecole des métiers de l’Information in Paris and has done graduate-level research at Harvard on the militarization of the Indian Ocean during the post Cold-War period. He was the 2006 recipient for the best news story in Africa from Radio France International/Reporters Without Borders/International Organization of “La Francophonie.”